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 Stucco Repair Specialists is a family-owned and operated, fully-insured company .    

Collectively, our specialists have more than 75 years of stucco experience. To each job, we bring not only superb craftsmanship and ingenuity, but also outstanding customer service. Please feel free to ask us for references. 


We have built our business on the simple premise that we show up and do what we said we would do; and we don’t stop until our customer is satisfied.



 1. REPAIRS - we repair all systems of stucco (both exterior and interior), including traditional stucco (hardcoat) and EIFS (synthetic stuccos, such as Dryvit, Sto and Synergy). 

2. PREVENTIVE MEASURES - we install flashings and renew caulking to assure that the your stucco retains its structural integrity. 

3. NEW INSTALLATIONS we install stucco for additions, remodels and new buildings - projects with both EIFS or hardcoat stucco applications.







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